CW308T-STM32F0 clock glitch with CW1173 capture

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I am trying to do the clock glitch lab using UFO board that has STM32F0 target which is connected with CW-lite capture board, so is there any tutorial for this or what are the changes that I should make as I have already done the lab with CW-lite that has STM32F303 target which is directly connected to it.

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You should change the PLATFORM variable at the beginning of the tutorial. Other than likely having to find different glitch settings, everything else should be the same.


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The PLATFORM is “CWLITEARM” isn’t the same for stm32f0 and stm32f3? if not what should be for stm32f0?

anther thing please, what should be the correct glitch settings in this case?

The correct platform is CW308_STM32F0. You can see a list of platforms at

For the glitch settings, you’ll need to search the glitch space and see what works (the scope.glitch.width and scope.glitch.offset).


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