CW4 install - Windows

Hi all,

Can anyone advise on how to install this on windows 10? tried the auto installer and it does not communicate with the board at all. tried the manual install and ended up with python errors and ftdi errors. Spent a week so far just trying to get this up and running. The wiki is good but seems to show older versions :frowning:


Sorry to hear that! Are you trying to install version 5 (Jupyter-based, no GUI, still in alpha, but the way of the future) or version 4 (with a GUI)?
And what target are you trying to talk to? If it’s an STM32, be aware that some versions of the ARM compiler fail to produce good binaries in Windows 10 (I experienced this myself), see this thread. We only recently figured this out and the installation wiki hasn’t been updated to reflect this yet.
We’ll get you up and running soon!

Hi Jean-Pierre,

It was the latest version of V4. but i was having issues with the V3 and V4 auto installers as well. But saying that I think I have it working and managed to do the B1 example now using the windows installer package and adding winavr.

As a side note, I know there is a fix for windows 8.1 and winavr. may be worth updating the docs to say this works for windows 10 as well.