CW5.1.3 VM: Target did not ack

Hi there!
I’ve installed the CW5.1.3 VM on my Windows 10 PC, yet I get this weird ‘Target did not ack’ (PA_Intro_1-Firmware_Build_Setup, and on another pages)…
Tried it on another PC yet got the same results.


What target are you using, and what is PLATFORM set to in your notebook?
“Target did not ack” usually means that you don’t have good firmware running on your target – it’s not giving an ACK response back when the ChipWhisperer pokes it.


I’m using the ‘CWLITEARM’ and the ‘CW308_STM32F4’ platform.
I’m using the CW-Lite with the CW308.
The target I’m using is the ‘STM32F4’.

In the Jupyter notebook, did you use PLATFORM = CW308_STM32F4?

Other thing to check:

  • be sure your USB cable is good
  • are you connecting your PC directly to the CW1173 or through a USB hub?
  • make sure the VM USB controller is set to xHCI (USB 3)