CWAnalyzer.pyw not showing correct results

In Chipwhisper Lite, I tried to perform CPA on simpleserial-AES. I have programmed the target with .hex file. Then I have captured the power traces using CWCapture.pyw default file available. Following it, the analysis was performed using CWAnalyzer.pyw file available as default which has the following lines of code:

# Calls ChipWhisperer w/o the annoying window
from chipwhisperer.analyzer.ChipWhispererAnalyzer import main
import ctypes
import os
if __name__ == '__main__':

    # Windows work-around
    if == "nt":
        myappid = u'newaetech.chipwhisperer.analyzer.git'  # arbitrary string


But in results window unfortunately, the results table doesn’t show correct key guess. What could be the reason? How should I debug this issue?

You’re using the old GUI version? This was deprecated a long time ago and is no longer supported. If you follow our courses in jupyter/courses/sca101/, you’ll see how the analyzer module is meant to be used and successfully attack simpleserial-aes.

Yes I am using old GUI version.
I will follow the course work. And will try to connect CWLite with Jupyter notebook.