CWCapture and CW-Analyzer

Hello everyone!

About a week ago I bought a ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173) with a CW303 target from mouser. First I started with the documentation, then the tutorials, Jupyter works fine (there was some trouble but i could solve them). And now I’m about to start an attack against a NodeMCU.

I looked for the CW Capture and CW Analyzer softwares, what I saw in almost every video (like in the end of the first and free training video on the NewAE Tech. web page) but I couldn’t find them. Tryed to read every documentation or find something here in the forum, but every post is outdated 2-3 years old.

Now I’m using the 5.2.1 Windows version of the software (installed by the Windows installer) and only the Jupyter is working. There are the icons for the Capture and the Analyzer but those are only icons.

I really can’t find out where is the problem, because in older post I found descriptions about CWCapture.pyw file but in this version there is no file named like this not even CWCapture.* a file.

Maybe I’m wrong, but is there any source where can I get these softwares? I should download some older version? Are these programs still available or somehow (I can’t even imageine) I have to use the Jupyter for these kind of actions?

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Hi Kovacssz,

It seems Capture and Analyzer are removed from version 5.
But all its interface is available via API, so you can do everything in Jupyter yourself.

Please have a look at tutorials in Jupyter, you can follow or modify them to implement your ideas.



I did the tutorials, and I hoped that I won’t have to do the actual work there. One of the main reason of buying this product is the software. Of course its my fault that i didn’t checked the actual version of the software pack but I didn’t think that it could be removed.

I’m not a total newbie in this topic, but without them it will almost double the time needed to finish my tasks.

Do you know any information about geting them back in later versions, or is that possible to use an oldel verson of Capturer and Analyzer?

I never tried version 4, but you can download it from github:
On second page, v4.0.1 contains binaries too if you need them.

I don’t know anything about getting them back, but I’m not a maintainer.

Thank you for your help.

Don’t you how can I reach somebody who can answer my question?

Thank you in advance.


As 3 said, the GUI for Capture and Analyzer were removed for version 5, with the underlying reason for this being that the GUI library we used (PySide) was incompatible with Python 3. You should be able to access all the same features with CW5 via the Python API, but if you want to continue using the GUI, you’ll need to use a v4 release (as 3 linked to).

The GUI in its previous form is unlikely to return, but we’re currently experimenting with implementing some of the GUI niceties with Jupyter widgets. We’re also in the process of creating new videos using CW5.

I’ll do my best to answer any questions for either version of the software, though I probably won’t be answer as many questions about v4 as I would v5.



Hi Alex,

Then I will continue with the v4 for now. Later the Jupyter could be good later with some kind of templates. Is there any description about the API usage not for your dedicated targets?

I look forward for the features you talked about!

Thank you for your answer.


Hi Szabolcs,

There isn’t really any API documentation for v4 (the readthedocs page was added for v5), but the following resources should be a good start:



Hi Alex,

Thank you for the resources, it will help a lot. I’ll check them all, and I’ll try to get the best out of it. For now probably will be enough, but I have a lot of plans with this cool device.

Great product and great support, thank you!