CWLite - how to probe an independent target

Hi! I’ve followed most of the tutorials about SCA/Glitching and everything was quite smooth on the ride with the provided targets. (congrats for that!)

However, it’s a bit unclear what are the good practices and how I need to connect the Measure pins to other target boards (which are totally separated from the provided ones / without the UFO). Do you have any guide specifically for this?

More related questions:

  • How do I perform the measuring closer to the power source? (I understand that the noise might be stronger) Do I need a shunt resistor, put it inline and do the measuring between them?
  • Are there any other examples for devices where you haven’t used the UFO Target board? Or am I supposed to use it all the time?

Many thanks!

Have you seen this one? It answers all your questions :wink:.

CW can definitely be used against non-CW targets! The purpose of the UFO board and the targets that we provide is to “lower the bar” by taking target preparation/modification out of the equation.

Colin and Jasper’s Hardware Hacking book talks a fair bit about the how and the why of target modifications for “real” targets.

You can also find a bunch of examples in the blog posts and papers on Colin’s website.