CWNANO: Glitch length too long

Hi all,
I’m trying to get a simple glitch setup working using the CWNANO and the “SOLN_Fault 2_1B - Introduction to Voltage Glitching with CWNano.ipynb” notebook. The setup seems fine, however i can only cause the built-in target to reset, even with repeat = 1. I checked the timing using an oscilloscope and the voltage drop is way to long: ~150ns. I would expect it to be somewhere around 9ns.

I’m on the current CW firmware (0.62).

reboot_flush() = 7.5e6
scope.glitch.repeat = 1
scope.glitch.ext_offset = 0
target.simpleserial_write("g", bytearray([]))
c = scope.capture()
val = target.simpleserial_read_witherrors('r', 4, glitch_timeout=10)  #For loop check
valid = val['valid']
if valid:
    response = val['payload']
    raw_serial = val['full_response']
    error_code = val['rv']

The result is always:

{'valid': False, 'payload': None, 'full_response': '\x00RESET   \n', 'rv': None}

Here is a screenshot of the glitch:

Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance

– fm


Thanks for the report on this. I’ll see if I can replicate.



I have just seen this thread, looks like the same issue as mine.

I have just opened a new thread, mine was about ext_offset being inoperative.

There seems to be something real wrong on 0.62.

Did you find a solution to your issue?

no, i was not able to fix this. Thanks for your investigation, i’ll try the new firmware when its merged.