CWNano Out of Stock at Mouser?


We have been trying to get some CWNano boards for an on-going project. But they are currently out of stock on Mouser: Could you please let me know if they will be available soon?


Hi Anupam,

We’re unfortunately totally out of those - a run is about to be launched now (we were able to secure all the needed parts), the supply chain challenges have hit numerous products! We should have those back in a couple of months if no assembly disruptions.

But we don’t even have stock internally besides a couple R&D units.

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Hi Colin,
Thanks a lot for the information.
We have an order already placed in Mouser. Mouser reports that the estimated shipment date is Oct 31st. But we need them in June. That is why I asked. It would be great to have them by late May or early June. We highly appreciate the effort all of you have put in these products, and completely understand the delays due to supply chain issues. Hope to have them available soon!

Will confirm shortly once the run occurs - the Mouser timeline is always a bit of a guess since we often don’t know exactly, and they add some padding to account for current delays that almost always occur.

But indeed it should be well before then, June “should” be safe. Normally our manufacture is fairly quick (less than a month), but with current lockdown risks around the world it’s a little less certain.

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Thanks a lot, Colin! Highly appreciate it!

Hi @coflynn, hope you are doing well.
As per Mouser’s estimate, we were expecting to get these shipped by May 31st.
Now, they have notified us that they will advise once they know update from the manufacturer.
I was wondering if there is a chance to get them by mid-June. Please let me know what the status is. I would highly appreciate the consideration.
Hope you have a great day!

Hi @agolder3,

Our manufacture/shipping was indeed slower than normal - we only received our batch of them last week (I had assumed we’d have them early May on the normal timeline) so are working on getting them to Mouser now (basically running them through our test process + the packaging/shipping). I’m at RECON right now so I’ll have to check, but it sounded like the plan was to ship some out early this week.

Mouser’s turn-around is pretty quick, but if you want a more definite timeline you could send a note to with where you are in the world and we can advise if we could ship directly quicker (but issue of having to cancel Mouser & re-order with us, depending if that is possible). It would cut out the shipping time of going to Mouser then out to you. Depending where you are though the Mouser customs is better so it may be preferrable/faster to go via Mouser still, there is no perfect solution alas.



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Hi @coflynn,

Thank you so much for the prompt response.
I understand how the supply chain issue has affected the manufacturing and shipment processes.
I will reach out to the sales team to see what would be feasible for us.
Hope you have a great time at RECON!