DES Key Schedule Calculator

Please could you explain how DES Key Schedule Calculator is used.
There is no response in Full Key Shedule no matter what I write in Key line.

I’m seeing this problem too - I’ll look into it.

Turns out it was an easy fix - we had implemented the key schedule calculations, but the GUI wasn’t even trying to use this function! I’ve committed a fix to Github.

Hi Greg!

I saw that you changed the behaviour of the DES key scheduler. Because the subkeys have only 6 bits in length (giving 64 permutations) and not 8, with this change it won’t be possible anymore to copy the result of the attack (first line of the table) back to the key scheduler. The procedure will also be different than explained in the wiki:

Ah, that’s why it was written that way. I couldn’t see any other place where the key scheduler was used (and the GUI was broken) so I didn’t think that format was being used. I’ll see if I can fix things up.

A good idea would be to include these tools in the automated tests, comparing the expected result with the actual result.