Differential Probe Shunt Resistor


I’m about to use the CW501 with a High-Side Shunt.
According to the documentation, the shunt should be at R6. But what’s the reason for R18/R19?
They give me another 20 Ohms in series with the shunt resistor, which is too much for my application.
(My system can handle 3 Ohms before it becomes unstable.)

Also, can you explain what R8/R7 are good for?



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Hi Jones,

Oops - missed this one! Those resistors are somewhat there ‘just incase’ to be honest :wink: It’s a bit of input protection to limit potential current slightly, as well as reducing very fast edges (ESD event).

If you are using the shunt at R6 - just short R18/R19 instead with a solder blob or 0-ohm resistor.

Hope this helps!


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