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Latest version: 0.07

Latest Release: 0.08RC1

The latest release is 0.09RC1 now. This release adds a new SmartCard module to the ChipWhisperer Rev2 (will be ported to SASEBO-W for a later release) which is more reliable (I think). Full release notes:

Changes/Fixes from 0.08

SW: FEATURE: 'CWCapture.pyw' and 'CWAnalysis.pyw' files run on Windows without command prompt, looks like regular appliaction (thanks to Zak Escano).
SW: FEATURE: FPGA bitstream automatically downloaded if required, no need to run 'Download CW Firmware' anymore
SW: FEATURE: Support for upcomming ChipWhisperer-Lite Hardware
SW: FEATURE: Ability to use glitch explorer with multiple parameters now implemented
SW: FEATURE: Support for DPAContestv4.2 cards (requires new reader, see below)
SW: FEATURE: New SmartCard reader for ChipWhisperer hardware, more reliable than USI interface (requires new FPGA changes, see below)
FPGA: FEATURE: Support 2-stop bits + even parity on serial interface, allows use as smartcard reader (ChipWhisperer only for now, to be ported to SASEBO-W later)
SW: BUGFIX: Lists of scopes/targets keep proper order
SW: BUGFIX: Remove dependancy on PC/SC SmartCard module if not using a PC/SC Smartcard reader
SW: BUGFIX: Remove warnings about missing modules which you don't need anyway (i.e. mysql, etc)
SW: BUGFIX: Numerous small bug-fixes and improvements (see GIT for details)
SW/FPGA: BUGFIX: Wrong glitch width was loaded when offset was '0%'
FPGA: BUGFIX: Fixes to glitch output logic, previously used registered output which would occasionally latch due to timing failures (these are glitches after all)
DOC: BUGFIX: Numerous fixes thanks to Zak Escano