ECC for CW308 MCU?


I see there is an ECC tutorial for the CW305. I was wondering if there is an MCU implementation as well, for one of the supported UFO boards. If not, are there any plans ahead for that?



Yup, we’ve got a version that runs on the STM32F3 at chipwhisperer/jupyter/demos/uecc.ipynb.


As a quick note on it too -

It’s not well advertised yet as it required a little more setup - and in fact the idea was for ChipWhisperer-Husky it would be a great example since it required the longer trace capture (and the ‘TraceWhisperer’ will be built into CW-Husky it looks like).

But it should work as-is!

Thank you, I will look into that. Btw, is there a planned release time for the CW-Husky? (approximately)