Edit CW-Lite Firmware to add my own firmware into it

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to edit the actual ChipWhisperer-Lite capture board firmware in order to build and flash my own firmware version into it.

I work on JupyterNotebook environment but I didn’t find the source code that contain the instruction to drive/program the CW-Lite and the way to build it… for program it, I know I have to use the “program” python function as explained in the wiki.

Thanks to your help !


I am not completely sure what you mean. If you mean the capture side, I am not convinced that is possible, and I sadly cannot help you. If you, however, mean programming the target-side of the ChipWhisperer Lite capture board (meaning the hardware which will actually execute encryption/decryption algorithms etc.). You can do this with the programmers available within the python library.

from chipwhisperer.capture.api.programmers import STM32FProgrammer

# Initiate a new STM32F Program
# https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STM32#STM32_F3
# STM32 being the ARM microcontroller that the CW Lite ARM is using
# If you are using the AVR version, you should probably use
# programmers.AVRProgrammer
program = STM32FProgrammer

This is an adapted excerpt from this file. Resources on this are rather scarce on the official docs, so I’m just going to point to something I wrote myself. Introduction to Power Analysis - Capturing Traces.

Hope that helps!


Hi coastalwhite,

Indeed, it’s about the capture side. Hopefully, I already had some information on how I could change the CW1173 firmware.

Have a nice day !