EM Probe Scanner Recommendations

Has anyone tried to create an EM scanning station for collecting EM traces, like Riscure’s (here)? Any recommendations for xyz positioning systems, ideally < $2k would be appreciated. No need for micrometer level accuracy that most positioning systems seem to have, millimeter accuracy is fine


Hi Joe

We’ve had reasonable success with a re-purposed 3d printer + picoscope + python. This was using a low-cost delta bot, which was great for speed, but probably had a more jiggle than higher end equipment would give you.

If I did it again and required more precision, I’d probably go with a stiffer gantry, also to allow for heavier probe/injection attachments to be handled with minimal perturbation. Something along the lines of this openbuilds setup.

Use a Picoscope with enough bandwitdh, when added to the x-y table, you’re probably in the region of 2k USD.