Error message QTimer

When I start the software I get multiple errors with the following message (I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS):

QObject::startTimer: QTimer can only be used with threads started with QThread

I’ve searched a bit online, but this seems to be a very generic error message and since I am not yet familiar with the code I haven’t been able to debug it.

Has anyone had the same problem? (I didn’t find info on it when searching the forums)


Hmm… how are you running this? This error “shouldn’t” happen, but basically we see it sometimes when you start the software but it gets incorrectly loaded as if it’s running from another module.

Basically when the software is loaded for the API (not as a normal GUI program) it avoids importing some GUI stuff (QTimer in particular, which is part of QT which is the GUI library used). If this is “wrong” and you meant to actually load ChipWhisperer GUI, you’ll see those exact errors. There’s some other cases too you see that.


Hi Colin,

thanks four your answer! It happens, as you correctly guessed, when I run a script that uses the API (e.g. python From your answer I assume that it will not cause any problems and I can simply ignore the message.