Error programming firmware

Hello, I am facing problems programming firmware in the tutorial 1 - Connecting to Hardware.ipynb in jupyter . First of all I am using:
-ChipWhisperer-Lite Capture
-CW308 UFO Baseboard
-CW308T-XMEGA Target (XMEGA, AVR Core)
Trying to build i use this code and I have a warning that may be the reason why it is not working(i think). I already try with PLATFORM= CW303.

cd …/hardware/victims/firmware/simpleserial-base/

Ignoring the warning, it creates the .hex file and the other files.

I use this code for programming firmware:



I have found some posts that mentioned the same problem but they dont have a final solution.

That first warning is fine. For that second error, 2 things:

  1. Have you called scope.default_setup() before programming? This is required to setup the programming pins/clock. If you tried programming without calling that, unplug+replug, restart the notebook, and try again, this time after calling scope.default_setup().
  2. Have you tried programming with SHUNTH shorted with SHUNTL? I’ve seen boards where the shunt resistor causes too much voltage drop when programming.