Error when atacking AES128 traces via CW API(5.4)

Dear. When i am trying CPA atack from CW.analyzer i have error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Users/harde/PycharmProjects/ChipWhispere_Resyncer/”, line 278, in
File “/”, line 161, in process_traces_SAD
File “\venv\lib\site-packages\chipwhisperer\analyzer\”, line 160, in process_traces
self.attack.addTraces(self.getTraceSource(), (startingTrace, endingTrace), progressBar, pointRange=self.get_point_range(None))
File “\lib\site-packages\chipwhisperer\analyzer\attacks\cpa_algorithms\”, line 241, in addTraces
(data, pbcnt) = cpa[bnum].oneSubkey(bnum, bptrange, traces, tend - tstart, textins, textouts, knownkeys, progressBar, cpa[bnum].modelstate, pbcnt)
File “venv\lib\site-packages\chipwhisperer\analyzer\attacks\cpa_algorithms\”, line 98, in oneSubkey
hypint = self.model.leakage(pt, ct, key, bnum, state)
File “\venv\lib\site-packages\chipwhisperer\analyzer\attacks\models\”, line 341, in leakage
key[bnum] = guess
IndexError: list assignment index out of range.

source traces from my target:

source python(resync and CPA attack):

What param my script or traces is wrong?
Preview of captured trace:
PS: UPD acces for reffs

Try setting your key as a bytearray with length 16.


Dear. i am try playing with length of subkey in analyzer and key data in traces.
Now the attack is successfully done on posted traces .

Good to hear you got some success!