Executing secAES-ATmega8515 on ARM CW

Hello all, I’m pretty new at this so need some advice. I would like to run the firmware secAES-ATmega8515 on ARM M0/M3 target on CW. Is there a quick fix to do so? Basically, I would like to run Boolean masked AES on ARM target. Any advice? Thank you!

secAES-ATmega8515 was developed for an 8-bit AVR, so not the best choice for a Cortex target.
Why don’t you look at the other options mentioned here:

Hi @jpthibault thanks for the reply. So for secAES-ATmega8515, I can run on XMEGA target on chipwhisperer right? For the masked AES designed by “knarfrank” and Sebastian Riou, the masking method/algorithm is different from the one in secAES-ATmega8515? or are them the same?

Hi @classic_phone7. Did you manage to run Boolean masked AES on ARM CW? I want to do the same and I need help.