Exporting "Glitch Explorer" results as CSV

Hi, I want to save the results from the Glitch Explorer as CSV file. I am thinking that the easiest thing to do would be to parse the “.p” file that is automatically saved, however I am not being able to make sense of the file format. Is this documented somewhere? Do you think this would be a good strategy or would it be easier to mess with CW’s code and export directly from there?

I ended up saving the traces in CW’s npy format and parsing the input and output files. This was easy and served my current purpose, but if any of you guys have any ideas on how to do it directly from CW or the “.P” files, I would like to hear about it :wink:


Checkout the source code for the traces

newae.com/sidechannel/cwdocs … ative.html
it is possible to load the traces (that are in numpy format) using that code.

Next using the base class you can get the “source” and then … indeed save to numpy to cvs
newae.com/sidechannel/cwdocs … ainer.html

I previously did just the reverse (importing external traces into CW)
github.com/x8-999-github/cw-pro … s_cw.ipynb