External smartcard reader ?


I do not remember where i read about smartcard but seems smartcard module is partial, Colyn prefered to use external card reader … is there any example how to use external smartcard reader somewhere ?

What kind of reader i can replace in place of use of the victim board smartcard reader.

Any help is welcome.



I previously used just a USB smartcard reader… almost any one should work. Briefly to interface this reader:

  1. Install python module required to open external reader option (I think it’s pyscard - it should be listed in ‘enabled/disable modules’
  2. Place your S-Card (such as SASEBO-W card) into readeronmulti-target board
  3. Ensure VREF is set to ‘EXT’, and you have removed the AVR from the socket on the multi-target board, along with removed other jumpers. You need to ensure the 5V isn’t accidentally shunted anywhere incorrectly!
  4. Plug SASEBO-W adapter into scard reader.

There’s a few fiddley bits involved in that setup, I’ll try to document it later today/tomorrow (not in lab today). But I’ve used this successfully for talking to the SASEBO-W smartcard for example. It should support any other card with little effort I would think.



Hi, maybe you can also take a look at Syncotek smart card reader writer, such as SYNCOTEK SC-600P, it is an easy-to-install USB smart card reader that can read writer IC/RFID/SAM Card, and it also has Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 50 mm(depending on tag type).
Hope this helps!