Failed to allocate/resize array/ memory error when trying to capture more traces


I have encountered an issue with Chipwhisperer when trying to run tutorials with h probe. All tutorials run fine without any problems. But when trying to capture more traces I get the error: “memory error: Cannot allocate memory for array”.
Further more it also says: “failed to allocate/resize array”.
When trying to load the project i get the error: “winerror8 Not enough memory resources are available to process this command”.

The computer has 16 gb of ddr4 ram, so that should not be a problem. Also I have enough disc space to save the traces… Any ideas why this happens?

A memory error in this case is definitely RAM. How many traces are you trying to capture? My first guess is that it’s failing on the reallocation of memory - I think some stuff internally might extend numpy arrays, which will require a realloc, which could fail much earlier than a regular malloc. For now, try allocating a single fixed numpy array for each piece of data required instead of using a project.


Hmmm. I find it weird since I have seen people capturing 70000 traces on the same campaign, just by using the tutorials as is. Where should i allocate a single fixed numpy array for each piece of data exactly? I assume it is supposed to be during trace collection?

How many traces you can capture will depend a lot on how long the traces are as well. How long/how many traces are you trying to capture? Also, just to make sure, you’re not using a 32-bit version of Python, are you?

For now im trying with 10000 traces. And i still get the error. After looking closer on the error message, it do actually look like I am using a 32 bit version of python… :sleepy:

I am removing the 32 bit version now. Seem like I have both for some weird reason. And the system seems like it is choosing the 32 bit version over the 64 bit version

After a lot of back and forth and a lot of time, it seems like I fixed the issue with not enough memory.
But now the issue is that I can no longer use holoviews, the module is not found. When trying to install it, there are some issues with pillow, and I havent figured out how to fix it. Also some of the libraries do not compile anymore, as for example the aes-256 bootloader. But the simple-serial aes is working… Any ideas why?

Can you post the error message you get when you try compiling the firmware?