Failed to Update Firmware of CW1200, ChipWhisperer-Pro



I posted this topic since I recently got into BIG troubles.

While I’m using CW1200, I received the message saying that the firmware need to be updated.
I followed the instructions posted on wiki page(, but CW1200 doesn’t work any longer after clicking the Enable Bootloader Button.
I tried to manual update using BOSSA, as described as the wiki page(, but I noticed that the instructions were for CW1173, not for CW1200.
Now, I’m in a big trouble. Could you tell me how to get the firmware restored?

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards, Park.



Not a problem - the CW1200 firmware update isn’t used normally as we haven’t needed an update of the SAM3U USB firmware… the FPGA automatically is reloaded with any changes, and that tends to change more.

But the attached should work with the BOSSA instructions. (53.3 KB)

We’re working on updating the integrated firmware loader as well to make that cleaner should this happen again.




You couldn’t imagine that I was really happy to be able to get your help!

After working with the attached, CW1200 began to work without any problem, and I could finally take a breath.
I didn’t know before that the new website of the documentation for the ChipWhisperer you told via email exists.

Again, I’d really appreciate your kind reply on this matter.

Best regards, Park.