Fast extracting traces from the oscilloscope to the CW notebooks

Hello. Im using a quite good oscilloscope, yet it doesnt manage to record and save the traces as quickly as the CWPro. Im using the CW308 board and the CWPRO for the communication, while the trigger signal and data is read by the external oscilloscope. It seems that the trigger signal is too fast for the scope to gather it and save the data, so I end up with like 80% of the data. A solution to this was to add some delay in the loop of the CW script, yet its not a perfect solution since for thousands of traces it will take a long time to gather the traces. What is the reason behind that? Why does the CWPro gather the traces better than the external oscilloscope (which is much more expensive with better specs etc.)? Does CW use some special protocol for this? How can I collect the traces to my PC with an external oscilloscope just as fast as with the CWPRO?

The base USB 2.0 speed (~480Mbps) is probably the limiting factor for both devices, so my guess is there’s some extra overhead somewhere in the oscilloscope communication. I can’t really say for sure though, since I’m not sure what the oscilloscope protocol looks like.

You might have more luck contacting the manufacturer of your oscilloscope. You might not be able to do anything about the slower capture speed though.

so the reason why CWPRO gets the data just on every trigger is that the samplerate is only 20k and it can be processed instantly? or does CWPRO use some better protocol like using the PC storage to store the traces and the scope inside does only the transfering instead of processing?