Feasibility of cw gnu radio blocks

Is it feasible to import cw into gnu radio because blocks are easier than coding

We have no plan to do so, but since the ChipWhisperer code is open source, anyone is welcome to try.

Recently someone has created a GUI for glitching with CW: GitHub - BitBangingBytes/Glitchy: Glitchy is a no-code visual interface to the world of microcontroller glitching.

Some background on this: prior to CW version 5, CW had a GUI. However it was tied to Python2 so we had to make a decision on how to move forward. We decided to go with the current approach because while it does make the learning curve a bit steeper, the Jupyter notebook format is really nice for following our courses and demos. Once you get over that learning curve, there are a lot of advantages to this approach. We hope you’ll try and find it worthwhile. Only basic Python knowledge is required.