firmware is outdated

I followed the tutorial to upgrade the firmware, the firmware used is sam3u_fw/SAM3U_VendorExample/Debug/SAM3U_CW1173.bin
When I finish upgrading, run the code again:
import chipwhisperer as cw
# Connect to scope
scope = cw.scope()
I still get the message that the firmware is out of date:
WARNING:root:Your firmware is outdated-latest is 0.23. Suggested to update firmware, as you may experience errors
Is there a problem with the firmware I selected?

I think the SAM3U build in that folder is the one previous to the newest one. You should update instead using prog.program("COMPORT", hardware_type="cwlite").


It works well now, thank you very much.
Besides, I have a question:
When I execute
prog.program(“COMPORT”, hardware_type=“cwlite”)
will the program recompile the code in the sam3u_fw/SAM3U_VendorExample/src directory to generate the newest firmware?

No, there’s a python file in ChipWhisperer generated from the compiled binary. I have the correct binary locally, from which the python file was generated from, I just forgot to push it to git.


Hello, I would like to consult you about some questions. It is the first time for me to use phywhisperer and I want to perform USB sniffing operation. I have downloaded the code from GitHub, installed the driver and connected the device.

WARNING: Root :Your firmware is overdue - latest is 1.1. Suggested to update Firmware, as you may experience errors

I saw it, too
this link, I want to ask next, chipwhisperer firmware updates and phywhisperer firmware update is the same? Is there anything else I should pay attention to?