Firmware Update issue

Hello everyone, I am new to ChipWhisperer.

When I tried to update my firmware for CW308, I followed the steps in the tutorial

I failed in this step,

target =, cw.targets.CW308);

Since I got the message,

AttributeError: module ‘chipwhisperer.capture.targets’ has no attribute ‘CW308’

How can I fix it?


There’s no firmware to update on the CW308. CW308 target boards can be programmed as described on their documentation page. For example, the STM32F boards.

If you mean the CW305, you can fix that error by changing cw.targets.CW308 to cw.targets.CW305.


I’m doing with CW308 actually, that’s why this error message confused me a lot.

Thank you so much for telling me about this, I’ll head to this way.

Hello Alan,

Were you able to sort this issue of firmware update? I am using XMEGA target for CW308UFO board and I found the same issue.


To program XMEGA firmware:
cw.program_target(scope, cw.programmers.XMEGAProgrammer, <.hex file>)

See for example sca101/Lab 2_1A for an example of programming and connecting to an xmega target.

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: