Getting ChipWhisperer Rev2 Running

Hi everybody,

I got my hands on a ChipWhisperer Rev2 and for the last couple of days already I am trying to get the device up and running to observe the power profile of a smart card.

From reading the wiki and forums i got the information that this device is already a couple of years old and no longer supported, so I went back to this YouTube series
which as far as i understand uses the rev2 and tried to replicate all the steps.

i got to the point where my python2.7 was set up, i installed all the python modules and installed the drivers from this page .

so now like in the video the device gets recognized as libusb-win32 device -> EZ-USB FX2.

But when trying to load the second driver like shown in the video my “tools”-bar only shows the two options “Open Terminal” and “Open Glitch Monitor”. So I cannot get the second driver.

Thanks for reading, I hope at least some other person had the same problem and found a solution.

Also it would be great if there was an up to date guide on using this device, like which is the latest supported tools and how to install them. because switching between old guides and new guides that dont apply for the old device is very painful.

Best regards.