connection refused


I am install the CW software onto a Linux 64 architecture. I’ve followed the steps listed on the wiki page (, minus one caveat: I could not run the git submodule update. I kept getting error messages that the connection was refused for cloning So I did skip this step and the one that follows since nothing was in openadc.

I’m assuming I need this since each time I open the CWCapture.pyw, the window opens, but it’s just a blank gray window, no menu options or clickables. Is this true? How do I resolve this?

FYI - I moved over to a Windows box as most of the examples were Windows based. I’m still hitting some bumps, but have gotten further than before.

Hi soaringcats,

I myself just tested the “git submodule update” command. It seemed to work. Is there a chance that you do not have an internet connection or that a connection to could be blocked by something (e.g. firewall, etc.). There is another reason this could happen, if you have an old version of git or are running an older software that does not support the newer security protocols required by the connection, it will give you an error like the one you are experiencing.Try cloning the openadc repository outside of the chipwhisperer install manually. This should give you a more intelligible error message.

Note: the OpenADC submodule is not required unless you want to update the firmware on the FPGA. This is not required for most users as the FPGA come pre-programmed.

Finally, the only reason I can think of that the GUI would come up blank is if you are running instead of Since the is the parent class of both the capture and analyzer gui it mostly just contains the shared structure of the GUIs (Mostly a blank window).

Also make sure, if you are manually running the ChipWhisperer gui, execute

cd <path to directory containing chipwhisperer>/chipwhisperer/software && python CWCapture.pyw where will have to be changed to where chipwhisperer is located on your computer.

I hope this helps!