Glitching NXP's MK22 Kinetis family: interfacing SWD to CWL?

Trying to clock / Vcc glitch NXP’s MK22 series of MCU, in order to read out flash via it’s SWD interface.
Wondering if anyone has any bright ideas on how to interface the SWD to ChipWhisperer Lite to determine if/when the glitch worked?
I’ve got a little STM32 dev board which emulates a Segger J-link, and was thinking that this might be useful, but got no idea on how to interface J-Link software output to CWL’s simple serial.
I’d been given a suggestion that J-Link could save it’s connection result (success or denied due readout protection) to a file on HDD, and then have CWL Python script to pick up the result out of the file, but wouldn’t that’d slow down the process immensely?
Any other bright ideas?
(Bearing in mind I’m more of a ‘hardware’ guy, not at all proficient with Python etc, but slowly learning a bit… old dog learning new tricks here so please be gentle!)

Hi Mitaux,

You could try calling openocd from a Python script interfacing with Chipwhisperer to check the read protection status (you can look at the return value of call()). I did something similar trying to glitch an STM32 and it worked pretty well.