Glitching targets on CW308 target board with CW1200


Could you advise on how to use the Chipwhisperer CW1200 to glitch targets on the CW308 UFO target board?



If you want to do clock glitching, only the 20 pin connector is required. For voltage glitching, you’ll also need to connect an SMA cable between the glitch port on the CW1200 and VOUT (J17) on the CW308.

Instructions on how to perform clock/voltage glitching can be found in Tutorials Fault_1 and Fault_2 in the Jupyter submodule. API specifics can be found on our ReadtheDocs page. You can also find completed mirrors of the tutorials on our ReadtheDocs page:



Hi Alex,
For Voltage glitching, if I connect an SMA cable beteen the glitch port on the CW1200 and VOUT(J17) on the CW308, then the measure port on the CW1200 connet to where?
If I want to recover an AES key in ARM(STM32F3) by Vcc Glitching Attacks, how to do? Could you give me some Examples?



If you want to connect both the measure and glitch ports at the same time, you’ll need an SMA tee.

We do have a tutorial on doing a differential fault analysis attack on AES: This one uses clock glitching, but it should be easily adaptable to voltage glitching provided you can find the right glitch settings.