H-Probe and LNA

Is the H-Probe designed to be used with the separate LNA board?
I ask because going off the SMA connections on the various boards it looks this way.

Should the LNA board be able to be powered by the CW2 when only the side mini-usb plug is plugged in?

What does the LED on the LNA board signify? Does red mean all is well? I thought I saw it go green at one point…

assembla.com/spaces/chipwhi … r_Assembly
This page suggests that the LED is red only, so I guess it just shows that it is being powered ok.

btw this page has a bad link for the thesis at the end:
assembla.com/spaces/chipwhi … ield_Probe

the link is:
cosic.esat.kuleuven.be/publ … s-182.pdf’
it should be:
cosic.esat.kuleuven.be/publ … is-182.pdf

Yup - red is just power! As you guessed the H-Probe is designed to screw onto the LNA, which forms a fairly useful measurement chain.

Fixed that link thanks!

Forgot the other answer - the side mini-USB is fine. The LNA doesn’t take much power (or the diff-probe). Something like <50 mA.