Help~ CW308T-STM32Fx programming problem...


I recently got the CW308 UFO board, with several STM32Fx targets.

I’ve been playing with CW-Lite and the CW303-XMEGA target for a while, but i don’t have any experience with the Arm processors.

I’m currently using the V3.5.3 Capture software, and the CW308T-XMEGA works exactly the same as CW303.

Following the wiki page, (I’m using the ‘ChipWhisperer-Lite: AES simpleserial on XMEGA’ script) , I have encounter several problems:

  1. the CW308T-STM32F2 doesn’t respond the anything. The Capture button always ends with ‘Timeout in OpenADC’.

  2. the CW308T-STM32F3 does respond to the Capture button, and the encryption seems to be working from the recorded trace. However, the Encryption Status Monitor always gets all 0 as the output.

  3. the CW308T-STM32F4 works fine with the Capture button. But, when I try to use the ‘STM32F Programmer’, the ‘Check Signature’ Button always gives me an error message:", line 247, in _wait_for_ask
    ask =[0]
    IndexError: list index out of range
    (All the STM32Fx targets get the same error when using the programmer)

Do I have to install some external software or driver to program the processors?