Help: Glitching Trezor? STM32

I’ve forgotten my PIN for my Trezor crypto cold storage.

There’s a little over 1BTC on there (about $75000 AUD).

I was very new to crypto and wallets at the time of setting it up but I knew enough to write down the seed phrases. The Trezor One is supposed to give you a 24 word seed. I only have 13 words written down. So I can’t recover my device and I can’t remember the PIN.

I’ve been guessing for a few days now, going through all the PINs I would have used and no luck. Running out of guesses now, and getting to the end of my wits too.

I found a video online of somebody performing a voltage glitch. And a few articles about people also being successful with similar exploits to produce not only their PIN but also their 24 words.

Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge of what would be required to do this. From what I can tell it doesnt seem that hard but I have no experience with coding or circuits. I’m not even too sure how electricity works.

I just know I’m feelling real stuck and just putting this out there to hopefully find some help. I’d be happy to DIY it but have no idea where to start!

Willing to split my BTC with whoever can help me get to it again.

(And I apologise if this is the wrong forum to post in but it came up after a google search and I seew people were discussing voltage glitches and chips and I’m just running out of options! Trying everything! Saw a clairvoyant/numerologist and booked in at a hypnotist to see if they can help me figure out my PIN)

Happy to discuss over email too: