Help needed with timeout in combination with glitching

Dear all,

SW version: 5.1.3

I need some help with the following problem.
We want to attack a cryptographic algorithm that requires a very loooong runtime. All attempts (and there were really many) did not lead to success. Is it possible to influence the timeout between trigger_high() and trigger_low()?
With the parameter “scope.adc.timeout” a capture only waits for a trigger_high(), but since we want to glitch randomly in the range between trigger_high() and trigger_low(), the capture should wait for the trigger_low(). Also, attempts with several captures, unfortunately, did not lead to the desired result.

Are we possibly following the wrong approach?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Fabio,

I don’t think there’s any sort of timeout on glitching. I at least didn’t run into anything like that when I wrote the RSA tutorial (, glitching at an offset of 7 million cycles.

If you want to glitch randomly between trigger_high() and trigger_low(), you’re probably best off finding the trigger length ( scope.adc.trig_count, clocked off of the ADC clock, so you may want to change it to clkgen_x1 to keep it on the same sample scale as the glitch module) and using a random function within those bounds.