help with connecting betwing chipwisperer and sasebo-w board

I’m a new learner of power annalyze, I use sasebo-w board and chipwispere, and i have a problem when i use the chipwisperer capture sofetware.
First, i start the capture v3.1.10, and set the target module as smart card, then set reader hardware as system serial(sasebo-w without openadc), set smartcard protocol as sasebo-w smartcard os, the problem is when i clik the refresh, a error has occurred: “port” must be none or a string.
I don’t know why. Is missing any drivers or other reasons?
I want to show a picture about the problem, but i don’t khow how to upload the picture. :cry: :cry:

Hi Dai Li,

Sorry for the problem - what OS are you using? I tested quickly here and it seemed to work, do you see serial ports in the device manager if you’re on Windows? It sounds like maybe it’s not finding any serial ports to populate the list.