How To Build My Own ChipWhisperer-Lite

In the “Building Your Own” section of the kickstarter page ( … escription), it says that “to build your own you can use the Digikey parts list.” Where is the Digikey parts list? Also, where is the BOM that I can copy-paste into Digikey? Thank you.


All of this was posted in various spots within the repo at … r-lite/pcb - inside the BOM folder there is the various BOMs you might use. Some parts might have gone out of stock at Digikey so might need ot double-check them.

Good luck!

Hello I am quite new to the CW but I was not able to find the answer here. Is it possible to also get the product code for the non populated components (e.g. SMA connector and the 20 pins header ) ? I would like to break my CW-LITE and the bom for the lite does not contain the missing components.


After you’ve assembled your own CW-Lite, the process to break the board is the exact same as if you’d bought a pre-assembled Lite. We sell the breaker pack with all of the extra parts in the NewAE Store. This has the 20 pin cable/headers and the SMA cables/connectors.

I head what you say but ordering the parts locally would certainly help me keep the cost down.


You’re best bet is to find local equivalents - the SMA connectors are expensive if you buy “legitimate” ones (the SMAs mounted on the 2-part version is Molex P/N 0732511150). You can buy cheap edge-mounts from E-Bay or similar though that work well enough.

Same for 20-pin cable… might be easiest to see if a local store sells anything that would work, otherwise see which distributor has it in stock. Any 20-pin IDC (insulation-displacement contact) cable would be equivalent. Any 20-pin R/A and straight header will work as well (we use R/A header N2520-5002-RB mostly).


PS: You must use straight headers on the XMEGA target, don’t buy 2x R/A. You can use straight headers on the CW-side, but a R/A header would point ‘backwards’ so won’t work.

Thank you for the information. I was able to order additional components for about the same price as advertised (hence mainly saved on shipping) Now I only need to hope they will fit.

Small update:

My components arrived and it looks like it is all going to fit. I would not order the same SMA cables again as they are very stiff,