How to change the waveform path in ChipWhisperer-Lite

Hi. :raising_hand_man:

I use a ChipWhisperer-Lite and a ChipWhisperer-UFO board with the Capture V4.0.2.
Unfortunately, my C: has less free space. :sob: Therefore, I couldn’t collect a lot of traces automatically.
So, I want change the path which waveforms are saved to D:.

What should I do?

Thank you. :smiley:


To change where traces are saved, you’ll need to open a new project, save it (it should open a file browser that you can use to select where traces are saved), then select where you want to save the traces.


Hello Alex,
Could you please illustate with an example? I created a new file browser containing a new ipynb project from which project saving python code is run. However, the cwp file gets stored in the parent folder and not the new folder from which the .pynb file is executed

Simply specify where you’d like to save the project, with either a relative or absolute path, when you create the project object:
project = cw.create_project(<path_to_project_file>)

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