How to combine 2 projects?


I’m trying to recover 1 million traces of consumption of an AES 128. but the kernel crashes because of the RAM memory.
I saw that you can combine projects with the “traces.extend” function, but when I do that. I don’t have all traces in the same project.

I tried with some traces :

# project100 has 100 traces
projectFile = "./projects/test/Proj_TraceAES100.cwp"
project100 = cw.open_project(projectFile)

# project200 has 200 traces
projectFile200 = "./projects/test/Proj_TraceAES200.cwp"
project200 = cw.open_project(projectFile200)

# combine the two projects

# check that project100 has 300 traces

Are you running into memory issues during trace collection, or during the attack phase?
ChipWhisperer projects aren’t optimal for very large data sets; you may be better off rolling your own for that.

I’m having trouble collecting traces in a chipwhisperer project.

project.traces.extend() seems broken; for now I would recommend managing your traces without using CW projects (which may be preferable in any case when you have a very large set of traces). I’ve filed an issue: trace.extend() does not work with a project loaded from a file · Issue #428 · newaetech/chipwhisperer · GitHub