How to export power traces from CW to Matlab with number of segments greater than 1?

Hi everyone,

I’m using CW capture rev 2. I want to do a template attack in Matlab. So, I captured 20000 power traces. Now I want to export them to Matlab for further processing. It should be noted that when capturing a lot of traces, we need to raise the number of segments, so I put this number to 100 to store 200 power traces in each segment.

My question is, how should I modify the code to deal with a greater number of segments than 1?

Here is the link to the code I got inspired by.

When I added all the prefixes of the 100 segments, I got the error

Attribute error : ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘self’

Hy there,
For those who will face the same problem, here is the solution.
First I had to determine the list of prefixes of the 100 segments (each segment contains a set of power traces). Then, I had to modify the add_trace() method a bit.

import numpy as np
from os import walk

class native_to_matlab(object):

def __init__(self):
    self.tracedata = None
    self.textin = None
    self.textout = None
    self.key = None

def add_trace(self, prefix):
    _tracedata = np.load(prefix + '_traces.npy')
    _textin = np.load(prefix + '_textin.npy')
    _textout = np.load(prefix + '_textout.npy')
    _key = np.load(prefix + '_keylist.npy')

    if self.tracedata is None:
        self.tracedata = _tracedata
        self.textin = _textin
        self.textout = _textout
        self.key = _key

        self.tracedata = np.append(self.tracedata, _tracedata, axis=0)
        self.textin = np.append(self.textin, _textin, axis=0)
        self.textout = np.append(self.textout, _textout, axis=0)
        self.key = np.append(self.key, _key, axis=0)

def write_matlab(self, fname):, {
        "traces33": self.tracedata,
        "textin33": self.textin,
        "textout33": self.textout,
        "key33": self.key

n2m = native_to_matlab()

prefix_list = []
mypath = r’C:\Users…\Traces Template Attack\TmpTraces_RandPT_RandKey_20000_seg100_1_data\traces\’
f = []
for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in walk(mypath):

for filen in f:
# print(filen)
filen_split = filen.split("_")
if filen_split[1] == “keylist.npy”:
print("prefix list is of size: " + str(len(prefix_list)))

for i, prefix in enumerate(prefix_list):
n2m.add_trace(mypath + prefix)