How to get my sourcecode hexfile with the ChipWhisperer

With the CW1173 obtained password or AES-256 key how to retrieve my sourcecode out of my targetchip.
Especially if the target chip is a microchip that had been programmed (PICkit2 or 3) only with 2 checkboxes options in the PICkit2 programmer:
EnableCodeProtec and EnableDataProtect.

That would depend on what the bootloader looks like. The ChipWhisperer can communicate over UART serial, so if there’s a UART serial bootloader you should be able to write some code to interface with it that way. Otherwise, you’ll probably need a Pic programmer.


I only know the official releases programmer from MicroChip called PICkit and can’t find any Bootloader tool.
Is there someone who tried CW1173 on a Microchip before?