How to hook up reset with a custom target?

I’m using CW-lite and want to have it resets my target. Currently I’m using a separate bash script to reset the target with my own hardware. Can I just connect the CW-lite pin5 PROG-RESET to my target reset line and have the capture software control it? If yes please also tell me how to setup the software for reset and trigger.


I think you might already have seen it (given you hint at the 5th pin) but it is possible to configure an additional auxiliary module to perform the reset. In most system the normal state should be high and pull-down to reset the system.

Thx ExMachina for pointing out the gpio aux module. I can reset the target now by hooking pin5 to my target reset line and set the standby state to high and toggle length to 230ms.
Now I have a follow up question. I want to use the target reset signal as external trigger for the glitch module. So can I in turn hook the same target reset line to the CW-Lite IO4 pin16 for trigger input? I want to eventually use glitch explorer to step “Ext Trigger Offset” parameter. How to setup the capture parameters to be able to accomplish this?