How to import traces

I’m trying to follow this first tutorial :
In the begining I’m told I can download existing traces but then I’m not told how to create a project with these traces.
What should I do to import the traces and continue the tutorial?

Ah I forgot it didn’t have the project file… you have to open the “Analyzer” software, then from the “Project”–>“Manage Traces” window there should be an “Add Reference to Existing” button. This will let you load the “.cfg” file, each “.cfg” file will be a range of traces so you might need to import several of them.

OK for that.
Then for analyzing the traces I read “6. Finally run the attack by switching to the Results Table tab and then hitting the Attack button:” but I don’t find any button on the Result Table tab. What’s wrong?

Ah… the button isn’t on the Results Table tab. It’s on the main toolbar - the attack button is basically the only button in the top left corner there.

OK, thanks.