How to install AES-128 RSM on ChipWhisperer-Lite

I’m new to side channel analysis, I do not know how to install AES-128 RSM on ChipWhisperer-Lite, someone can tell me how to do it or give me the relevant code. My English is poor, I don’t know if I can express myself. So, if someone know it, tell me please.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the DPA contest AES implementation?
If so, this code is written for a smart card; you will have to port it to one of our targets.
I don’t know much about the smart card for which this code was written, so I’m not sure if porting is feasible (for example does the code depend on some microprocessor feature or peripheral that is only available on that smart card).

If you have a CW-lite, I recommend you start by going through a few of our tutorials, then focus on one of the AES tutorials (for example this one) and study how the target firmware works and how the ChipWhisperer Python code interacts with it. Then you’ll be in a better position to understand how to port the RSM implementation to our target.


Thank U for giving AES tutorials to me, I learn from your tutorial know how to port RSM to CW-Lite.