How to run the OpenADC with sakura-g board

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to this area and want to do some demo with the OpenADC together with sakura-g board. However, I have met with some problems, and I cannot figure them out after so many days struggling.
First I went through this post from wiki, link is here:
In this post it only says that “This assumes the FPGA #1 on the SAKURA-G has been programmed with the AES example”. So I programmed the FPGA #1 with the basic AES implementation that comes with the sakura-g board and programmed the FPGA#2 (Control FPGA) with the latest releases found here: The mcs file I used is ‘‘sakurag-chipwhisperer.mcs’’ in chipwhisperer\hardware\capture\sakura-g\sakurag_ise_project\sakurag-chipwhisperer.mcs. Then I configured the ubuntu I’m using, and it turns out this info when I try to run the script for sakura-g in the CWCapture.
"Warning Could not execute method run in script class UserScript: 'TypeError: ’ ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getitem’:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getitem’ ".
Then I found that becasue this project was developed in 2013 maybe, and the basic AES implementation has changed, so I found another version of this mcs file on this post, here Then I configured the sakura-g board with the and sakurag-chipwhisperer.mcs. It seems the LEDs are the same with this video in . Again, I cannot get this working using the CWCapture.
I even tried to manually set all the settings and connect the target and master manually, still, it’s not working.
I really cannot find any systematic guides online and there are so many different versions of all the softwares and firmwares. Who can really help me out? Or somebody who has successfully run this project and send me all the materials so that I can repeat this experiment again?