How to set the GC Global_Step

In the Clock Glitching to Bypass Password tutorialI I successifully glitched the XMEGA target with CW Lite.

I changed the returned char for Passok in the serial read to be sure that I receive correctly the Passok because for some reasons I receive also other valuse like 1,32 or 171…ecc causally like in the Fault1_1 tutorial but returning a specific char and reading back it after Glitching makes me sure100% that it is not causal value.

I found these working setup:
gc.set_range(“width”, -48.828125, -48.828125 )
gc.set_range(“offset”, -48.828125, -48.828125 )

And I have almost 10% of the result with success,

My question is: to have this success I have to repeat the test several times, to do it i set the Stop to 0 and the test is running continuosly until I stop it from Jupyter comands…

If I comment the gc.set_global_step(step), the test run for a certain number then stops.
If I set Step =5 it doesn’t run 5 loops,the way is to do step = 0 then I stop manually…
Is there any explaination for this?



If you want to loop through your settings multiple times, I’d recommend putting adding another parameter or putting the glitch controller inside another loop. 0 isn’t a valid step size.