How to setup trigger from a custom target?

I’m using CWLite with a custom ARM SoC target and want to setup the trigger so the glitch can start at the right place in the code flow. I can build custom code for my target to toggle some pin. Is there any document or schematic on how to hook up this pin from my target to CWLite? And how should I setup the CW capture parameters?



The CW-Lite can trigger on any of the GPIO1-4 pins. Normally I’m using GPIO4 (it’s a bit of an ‘unwritten standard’ now). Basically just have some logic on your ARM to set GPIO4 high & you should be good.

Within the ChipWhisperer software you can set the trigger to “rising edge”. There is then a section that you can select which GPIO pin to listen to. By default GPIO4 is NOT driven (i.e., it’s an input) and the trigger line listens to that pin.

I’ll add this to a list of wiki pages we should add, as it’s not documented anywhere in a simple tutorial.