How to skip first ext trigger?

I’m using custom target and simple serial with external trigger to trigger glitches. The external trigger is triggered inside the target’s bootloader by toggle a gpio that hooked to CW-lite IO4 pin. The problem is this gpio also toggle on system reset so what I’m seeing is the glitches get generated on this first rising edge too. This sometime cause system not coming out of reset. Is there any way to skip this and only generate the glitch triggered by the bootloader code?


Try playing with the post toggle delay you might get lucky, else consider adding a delay in the code (if you have access). If the delays are constant…You might also trigger of the first interrupt and add a capture delay.

I see this as a big problem with the CW lite and I started looking into adding a simple trigger count to the system.

I can use system reset signal as trigger since I know how long it take to load the bootloader. But I want to be able to generate a trigger inside the bootloader code for precise glitch. I looked through the python code and tried to see if I can add some sort of trigger counter but didn’t find anything. I think the trigger handling is done inside FPGA firmware.
I tried to hook both CW-lite io4 and io3 pins and choose “AND” collection mode for triggering but it’s not reliable. I still see the glitch comes out on reset rising edge. I wish there is option for triggering sequence. Like only generate glitch if IO4 pin is triggered first followed by IO3 pin.