How to upload firmware on a bare cw-lite?


I have build a my own cw-lite and installed the software. Now I have to upload the firmware to the FPGA and the SAM. I didi not find a manual or something. Where can I find information about uploading the firmwares?



Hi flik,

You should be able to find the documentation here. :slight_smile:



yes, I found it. The wiki is a bit muddled up :slight_smile:

another question: in the wiki I can read “The firmware version is printed at start-up”, I think the “ChipWhisperer-Capture software” is meant. But in the actual capture software under Tools there is no option “Config CW Firmware”. Is the wiki referring to an older version? Where in the actual software can I find this option?

I tried to connect to the chipwhisperer within the WSL (Linux subsystem of WIN10), but no success. How can I check if the chipwhisperer lite is recognized as a device under WSL? lsusb? something under /dev?

My linux knowledge is very poor, so please forgive me :slight_smile:



Hi flik,
You can find the configuration widget under Tools > CW Firmware Preferences. You should also find the Open SAM3U Update Widget button there too. ChipWhisperer Lite should show up like any other usb device. There are a lot of linux/ unix forums out there that would answer that question, they are only a search away :smiley: .