How to use "simcard reader" as a target module?

Hello everyone,

I got a ChipWhisperer Lite board recently. Could we use external simcard reader as a target module? It there any example or tutorial about this case.



The simcard is basically just a smartcard module. Right now the only real way is to use one is with an external reader, and you’d also need to be careful of voltage translations. Some readers might try using 5V, so you’d need voltage translators.

The upcoming CW-Pro was supposed to have a Smart-Card reader interface too, but we’ve been delaying that right now so I can’t guarantee timing.



Hi Ahcika,

I just saw your post during my search about “Working in SIM card using Chipwhisperer”. As you know there is almost no documentation available in this topic.

I would really appreciate you if you know something about it and share it with me.

Best regards
Hamed Armanfar


will it be work with Dekart SIM card reader? I try it with this software and ChipWhisperer Hardware but it didn’t work. Please help!