I am not able to glitch the stm32f3 on fault101 lab1_3


I am trying to glitch the stm32f3 in fault101 lab 1_3 - Clock Glitching to Memory Dump, but haven’t been successful so far. I have found plenty (> 100) of (width, offset) pairs that work nicely in fault101 labs 1_1 and 1_2, but nothing works for lab 1_3.

I even tried the settings recommended here (on labs fault101 1_3 and fault 201 1_1B - AES Loop Skip Fault Attack in Practice) : Problems getting Lab 1_1B to work (width = 3, offset = -12) - to no avail.

lab 1_3 used to work with the stm32f0, so the code should be correct, but unfortunately, I am required to switch to the stm32f3.

If somebody could shed some light on my issue, I would be grateful,


Typically, the issue with Lab 1_3 is the ext_offset try using a larger window.


Thanks a lot for the hint! That was the issue. Gltched at 16961 width width = 3.125 and offset = -12.890625.

And what about lab1_1B (AES Loop Skip)? I don’t even get a constant ciphertext for [0] * 16 (gold_ct). I looked for the right ext_offset from 280 to 370, for this (width, offset) pair, but haven’t been able to skip the AES rounds.

What is the most common issue people have with this lab ?

You definitely should get a consistent ciphertext for the gold_ct. Make sure the glitch isn’t enabled when you’re capturing it.

Again, the usual issue I’ve seen is with ext_offset